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Shoes for Stars

"Empowering underprivileged kids to reach for the stars to live their dreams" 

Shoes for Stars started with the idea to empower kids living in a disadvantage community with a new pair of shoes painted by another kid. 

The idea behind the shoes for stars is to empower every kid by letting them know that they matter in this world and we believe in them. We ask every kid to close their eyes and place their dream inside their heart. Now, their dream is safe and no one can take it away!

Mavis by Herrera donates a percentage of their profits to sponsor this free event with the goal to empower kids and families. 

One of our mission is to keep inspiring kids to dream big and let their light shine in whatever they want to do in life. 

We believe that every kid deserves to live a life with happiness and love!

 From Barefoot to a Promise...

One of my favorite childhood memories was playing outside barefoot with some of the neighborhood kids. 
My nanny used to chase me and made me put on my shoes, and I ended up crying because I wanted to play barefoot, like all the other kids. 
As I grew up, I finally understood the kids played barefoot because their parents didn't have money to buy them shoes. That day, I made myself a promise to help and inspire kids. 

I started Shoes for Stars back in college and collected more than 3,000 pairs of shoes. Many of the shoes were contributed from around the world, and some were even painted with inspiring messages. The shoes were donated to the children of San Quintin, Baja California. 

I am passionate about helping and advocating for underprivileged children and I want every child to know that they matter and are loved.

( I still enjoy walking barefoot, it makes me connect with nature and nature makes me happy )

Mavis Carolina Herrera