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Discover the epitome of responsible luxury

Elevate your style, honor the planet

Sustainable handbags are made by hand. Reducing fashion pollution and plastic waste. Mavis by Herrera handbags are our fashion purse of the future.

Self-Funded & WOMEN OWNED


We are a small business deeply devoted to sustainability, slow and circular fashion. Each of our bags is a labor of art and love, crafted with dedication and passion.

Beyond sustainability, we extend our reach to make a positive impact, giving back to artisans and supporting kids in need.

Join our mission to make a difference, one sustainable bag with a meaningful story to share.

our impact behind the bag

sustainable design, regenerative impact

Redefine Luxury: Where Style Meets Sustainability

Embark on a journey with MBH, where luxury is redefined through a dedicated focus on sustainability at every stage of our design process. Our commitment to zero-waste and slow fashion stands against plastic pollution, creating a positive effect on our planet and people.

With each purchase, we actively contribute to the Sustainable Goals. This means creating ethical jobs, supporting children with special needs, and empowering artisans with the skills they need to thrive in life.

Luxury isn't just about the material; it's about the impact you make. Choose MBH and immerse yourself in the true essence of luxury — the luxury of making a difference. Your style becomes a statement, a powerful force for good.