Our Story

At Mavis by Herrera we are Changemakers! Our aim is to reduce pollution waste in our world, create jobs for indigenous and to empower people to live a life with dignity and freedom.

Mavis by Herrera is inspired through my traveling adventures and exploring the Mountains. I believe that my purpose in life is to embrace an awakening consciousness. This would lead to our community and nature living harmoniously together as ONE.

Founder Mavis Carolina Herrera standing inside an ice cage in Patagonia, South AmericaAfter exploring different countries and returning home to the United States of  America, I realized that as consumers, we are missing a conscious mindset that works in favor of the environment. I, therefore, decided to strive to show the world that we can build a more positive tomorrow without harming our planet. This is why Mavis By Herrera exists today as we bring about renewed consciousness.

 At Mavis by Herrera, we sustain high ethical standards and exist to transform fashion into a sustainable and regenerative industry. Our bags are only made of recyclable resources and each bag is crafted by the hands of indigenous artisans. Behind each bag, there are the hands of indigenous people that I truly admire. I am here to impact their existence on the world and uplift their lives in turn. 

My philosophy of inspiring change isn’t based on having a single idea. Change only happens when we can involve the conscious of reality.Together as one, we can make a change via Mavis By Herrera.