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Article: How dirty and germy is your handbag?

How dirty and germy is your handbag?

How dirty and germy is your handbag?

Did you know that a handbag can carry up to 10,000 different types of bacteria? Yikes!!!!

As a way to prevent covid we constantly are washing our hands more than ever, but what about the germs in our handbags? A study found that a purse can carry up to 10,000  different types of bacteria, according to experts at restoration retailer Handbag Clinic – making them dirtier than the average toilet. Yikes!

And while COVID-19 is not a bacteria, the World Health Organization states that viruses like COVID-19 can live for anywhere between a few hours and a few days on surfaces like handbags and cell phones. 

Here are Five tips to minimize harmful virus/bacteria on your Mavis by Herrera purse:

1) Don’t set your bag down. This means no shopping carts, counters, floors etc.
Minimize your purse.

2) Carry only what you need and separate makeup, baby and food items from your essentials to avoid cross contamination.

3) Disinfect your purse and limit touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

4) Keep your most used essentials handy to avoid touching your purse too often.

5) Separate your cell from other items in your purse. Your phone is easily contaminated but easily disinfected unlike some other items in your bag.

Last, if you own a Sustainable Mavis by Herrera handbag use a clorox disinfecting wipe down your purse. 


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