Chic strap Crossbody Handbag - Blue

Chic strap Crossbody Handbag - Blue

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Our Chic strap provides a fashionable and sporty design to renew your bag. Moreover, its wide style ensures it feels soft and comfortable on the shoulder. It is long enough to wear on the shoulder or cross body, perfectly fit for constant use and travel.


Adjustable length Size: 29.53"x 53.15"L x 1.5"W

Made of high quality Material: Gold Alloy and Canvas.

Why choose us?


All our bags are made with a sustainable purpose to reduce plastic pollution from polluting our planet. We believe in transforming the Fashion Industry as a Force of Good.


A Mavis by Herrera bag creates big Impact by providing business skills and mentorship to indigenous entrepreneur woman and donates a pair of shoes to kids in need.