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Sustainable Production

"Everything we do is inspire with a sustainable conscious "

We craft our bags using only the sustainable finest natural and recycled plastic materials to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainable textile without harming the earth. The coloring of our products are made with natural dyes produced from plant extracts or a different type of commercial grade dyes that are not harmful to the environment.  Our bags are here to promote sustainable change and to be part of the plastic pollution solution. 

entrepreneur mavis herrera mavis by herrera fashion designer

Handmade is the new Manufacturing

Handmade is our signature style and inspiration for everything we do.

We are proud to share opportunities with beautiful artisans and single working moms while preserving the environment and reducing plastic waste. Together, our team strives to make sustainable handmade products for a better tomorrow. 

ethicallymade handmade artisans

Less is More

Limited Quantities and Packaging

 Each item we sell is unique and one-of-a-kind, so we can only offer limited quantities. We avoid using excessive tags and labels in our packaging.  Reducing waste and pollution is something we take very seriously to reduce waste and our carbon footprint in the planet.