We are Giving Back to You!
The entire world is facing a shared challenge together and here at Mavis by Herrera we're keeping our focus on what matters most:
Love. Kindness. Empathy.


Spreading Love and Giving Back has been MAVIS BY HERRERA mission since day one. 

We need your help as a small business, so we're giving you all of ours in return. In that spirit, we’ve switched over to a “Pay What You Can” style pricing model.

For how long? December and hopefully longer. 

Below you’ll find coupon codes to help you PAY WHAT YOU CAN this holiday season. Simply choose your discount, and if you need additional help with pricing see below:
10%  Discount Code: LOVE10
15 % Discount Code: LOVE15
20%  Discount Code: LOVE20


Use the discount you need to bring home some happiness sustainable bags or pay it forward and send a gift of happiness to a friend.


Need a bigger discount?

Send us an email letting us know what sustainable bags you want and what you're able to pay. Kindly keep in mind that we are a small business trying to survive the same challenges right now, but if we can make something work for you we will.

We’re here for you, because you have always been there for us and it means a lot, we appreciate your support.  

Now let’s stay safe and spread as much love, happiness and kindness as we possibly can. 


Spread the word! Just share this page with your friends and family.


With Love,